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Do You Want To Feel Happy, Calm, and Productive, and Protect Your Brain Health?


Personalized & results-driven health and psychological coaching based on a lifestyle that suits you.

Hi, I'm Inka.

I'm a psychologist (neuropsychology MSc), coach, TEDx speaker, and author.

Maybe someone you trust mentioned my name to you or you found me on social media. In either case, I’m happy you’re here.

Since this day, I've gained education and experience on how to improve mental health, focus, and mood through a personalized biopsychological approach, diet, stress management, and lifestyle.

I share information, coaching, and education about lifestyle tools that can transform how you feel and think.

I also help motivated individuals to reach better focus and productivity. 

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"Inka's coaching helped me to resolve my unexplained anxiety in a few months. After a short interview and looking at my health data, she identified possible root causes and fixes. Especially the link to my gut and some supplements I was taking was surprising.

She made a personalized plan covering diet, supplements, and stress management. Now my anxiety is gone and I know how to keep it that way. I definitely recommend Inka's coaching for optimizing mood, motivation, and stress resilience."

 - Jess, 34, Sweden

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I took Inka’s coaching to improve sleep and mood and prevent Alzheimer’s that runs in my family. Before our phone call, Inka had already looked at my health data. During the call, she identified some risk factors that were contributing to my brain fog and distress.

With the plan she created for me, I was able to improve my sleep and energy levels significantly in just a few weeks. I'm also able to make better choices for my long-term brain health.

I would definitely recommend Inka’s coaching to everyone. She has strong expertise in the health business and she is an extremely warm-hearted person.

- Minna, 31, Finland