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Migraine Guide Online Course

Get your access to in-depth information on naturally managing migraines.

This course covers the most efficient tools for improving nervous system balance with science-based natural tools. Topics cover lifestyle, stress management, supplements, diet, hydration, sleep, exercise, light, ergonomics, mental health, and much more. This 5-week course will help you gain more control over your headaches and reach another level of health.

What you'll get:

  • 5 + hours of HD video content
  • 300+ Pages of text material on natural migraine management
  • Science-backed ways to support nervous system balance and lower pain 
  • Why PREVENTION is more important and effective than blunting pain
  • How to recognize the attack before it starts to prevent it altogether
  • How to track migraine easily and identify the most effective solutions for you personally
  • 8 SCIENCE-BACKED ways to lower pain perception step-by-step 
  • Demonstrations of gadgets and tools
  • Modern psychological tools for mental well-being
  • Supplement Guide
  • Product recommendations
  • How to optimize circadian rhythm and improve sleep
  • How to use cold therapy 
  • How to create a migraine-friendly workspace and home
  • How to optimize home lighting and use light therapy
  • What kind of diets you can try
  • What foods you should eliminate
  • Should you use caffeine?
  • Change to share your experiences and read the comments of other attendees

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  • No Hidden Subscription or Extra Fees
  • Money-Back Guarantee if you return the product with less than 10% of completion
  • Option for 1-to-1 Coaching
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